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Hunwick Consultants Pty Ltd and Proprietor Richard Hunwick, are dedicated to the intelligent, sustainable use of resources to meet the world’s ever-increasing energy needs.

Since 1994, when the company was first formed, and even before that via Ecogen Pty Ltd, our focus has been on the identification, assessment, development and design of power generation opportunities from the most economical and environmentally sound of available technologies, to ensure the most appropriate solution to the challenges presented by the opportunity.

We have sought to be innovative and entrepreneurial, always seeking to minimise the environmental impacts and enhancing the sustainability of all approaches to electricity generation.

Two areas have been a particular focus of interest over the last couple of decades: utilising the energy content of the millions of tonnes of black sludge that are a byproduct of the coal preparation process (coal washery tailings); and, encouraging resort to non-evaporative ways of rejecting the vast quantities of waste heat that are a byproduct of coal, gas, and other thermal power stations—in short, to conserve water.

The first led to the Redbank Project, and more recently, to a project in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales (led by the major Australian construction company Abigroup Limited) to supply the large power stations there with coal derived from tailings, an excellent example of an energy from waste initiative.

The second has led to a relationship with the world’s leading supplier of dry cooling systems for large power stations, EGI Engineering Contracting Company Ltd headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Richard Hunwick has set up a new company, Industrial Water Initiatives (IWI) Pty Ltd to explore opportunities for reducing significantly, the vast quantities of water consumed by power and other industries for evaporative cooling.

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